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Weekly Blog #4 - Autumn sun, visiting Hangzhou

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I will use this and next week’s Blog entries to sum up some of my experiences travelling through China.

It has been an awesome autumn so far with great weather and great activities. The average temperature was above 20 degrees Celsius and I was able to spent a couple of days working outside on our beautiful balcony. The sunsets were amazing and getting that extra bit of vitamin D really helped me to make some progress on learning Chinese, Swedish, Finnish and other things that I am currently working on.

On Friday we decided to visit the old town (Hefang Street). Hefang is called the “heart of Hangzhou”. The shops, the ancient chinese architecture and the small museums - like the copper art museum - really make this a vibrant spot to visit especially during the evening hours. Saturday we‘ve spent most of the day walking (and DiDi-ing) around the Westlake, visiting the broken bridge, the Temple of Soul‘s Retreat in the mountains east of Hangzhou and the Leifang Pagoda which boasts some spectacular views over the Westlake and the city. On our last day we decided to walk around town for a couple of hours before going back with the high speed train in the early afternoon. On our way we met some very friendly locals who asked us many questions about where we come from and what we were doing in China, Shanghai and specifically in Hangzhou. It‘s always exciting to meet these kind of people because they seem to be truly interested in what we do and they are extremely friendly in general.

So... travelling to Hangzhou was a great experience, especially this time of the year. Besides being slightly crowded, especially on the weekends, Hanghzou with it’s colourful nature, friendly people, great sightseeing experiences and the convenience to get there by train within less than an hour is a great weekend retreat and we will definitely go there again.

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